The solemn monkey

Like a cancer grows | February 15, 2007


I’m convinced that in this universe, there is no such thing as evil, unless you think in a dualistic way as much of us human monkeys do. What is good for one is evil for the other and so on. In the community of life, what is bad for one individual might be good for the whole, it’s just things balancing out, life making its way forward. For example, life and death are in the same embrace and are part of one process.

I’m aware that when I judge something as bad or evil, it’s just my very personnal and subjective point of view, I’m making this or that evil, I’m labeling it this way, when in truth it’s not good or evil but just is. Saying that a thing is good or evil excludes, it makes this universe linear and very anthropocentric. Religions are that way. Humans are that way. They separate everything into words and concepts and small parts, ignoring the bigger picture and setting themselves apart.

Still, if I had to name one thing in this universe as evil, it would be humanity. Or rather, humanity’s ignorance. In fact there is no evil, just ignorance. Is it in humans nature, to be so clever and so stupid at the same time? Is it the price for being capable of all these wonderful things, like witnessing the universe and being conscious, like this remarkable creativity we have, music? Must we also, for the sake of balance, be capable of the worst things, like killing life itself, destroying ourselves, making this rare blue living miraculous planet black and silent like everything around it?

I guess that to the eyes of the sun or the milky way (metaphorically speaking), all of this doesn’t matter. The cosmic ballet goes on. A little blue light pops in for some quick billions of years and then pops out, everything humanity achieved, enjoyed and suffered, everything life on Earth came to be, just gone like this without anyone to remember it.

Still, in my very subjective and human point of view, I can’t help but feeling sad, and angry. Are humans cursed to be such idiots? No other species on this planet can judge us as idiots, I know, because all of them live in bliss and are one with life, all of them cannot have any opinion, none of them know what ‘good’ or ‘bad’ can possibly means. And that’s why they’re innocent and beautiful, and forever saved, in a state of grace we’re denied since a very long time. Maybe the worst is that we can still taste it, for very short moments, and then we’re left empty handed, knowing that this peace exists, without being able to touch it, and go back to it.

Instead we created gods, religions, tv.

Humanity is like a cancer. Among them are good cells. But how long will they survive. How can we, as a cancer, possibly survive, once our host will be dead? What can other healthy cells, like deers and grasshoppers and trees can possibly say or do? Nothing. They don’t even know what’s happening. When they live, they live, when they go, they go.

Maybe that’s how I’m conforting myself in these troubled time I live in. By thinking like a deer or a grasshopper or a tree. Being part of the community of life and doing all I can to promote it, be a patriot of life. And when I’ll go, I’ll go. And if humanity goes, it will go. If life has to go, it will go. Maybe it’s part of a bigger plan, like death is part of life. But if I had to choose, right now, I would sacrifice music and self-consciousness, I would sacrifice this proud race that take itself too seriously, I would sacrifice humanity, so that Life can goes on.

Because I cannot thing of anything more beautiful.

And miraculous.



  1. Excellent post. I hope that “little blue light” doesn’t just pop out. Preserving it, our our part in it, it will take extensive cultural change, but as some of those in the video suggest, just maybe it’s possible.

    Very good video too. Its message should concern people terribly, should frighten them, but I suppose many will watch it, shrug their shoulders, and go on about their lives. Denial is strong. Still, I think I may post the same video on my blog. I wonder if the specter of mass extinction might have more power to break through some of that denial than other aspects of our ecological crisis.

    Comment by John Feeney — February 20, 2007 @ 2:22 am

  2. Thanks, what kind of world it would be if we all started to fight together for that blue light, as a global family? I guess I’m day-dreaming.

    I’m afraid that you’re right. However convincing some material can be, most of the time it won’t change anything in one’s frame of mind. Most of us have to be directly concerned, in a very direct kind of way, to change. Unfortunatly, when we will be facing all those threats, it will be too late. Like a life-long smoker learning he has cancer. We will all be in trouble.

    Comment by ashenzil — February 20, 2007 @ 9:42 pm

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